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First Light’s focus is on supporting small to mid-sized, start-up and non-profit healthcare innovators and quality improvement organizations to achieve mission aligned growth while cultivating leadership based on community, compassion, capability and caring.

Leadership Development

Employees don’t leave bad companies; they leave bad leadership.  Building effective leaders is more than just building competencies. It’s about teaching the soft skills of awareness, empathy, compassion, and poise under pressure.   First Light can also help you develop leaders to face challenging organizational changes, deal with disruption and develop compassionate approaches to effective leadership.

Program Implementation

Winning a contract isn’t the end of successful business development, it’s just the beginning.  As a former CEO and COO, understanding the challenges of both win and retain is critical and requires just as strong an implementation plan as the proposal itself.  Let First Light help establish an effective operational plan, business intelligence and roadmap for success.

Strategic Planning

Organizations often struggle with overly formal strategic plans.  Complex market assessments or SWOT analyses often overwhelm.  First Light is about creating a meaningful set of goals, objectives and measures in real time, with a real chance of success.  First Light has planned and led numerous strategic planning initiatives and can help you find the right approach to fit your aspiring business needs.

Data Strategy

Performance Measurement:  Ensuring that your company is focused on measuring the right things is critical.  Keeping it simple with a few key performance indicators (KPIs) will avoid board overreach, keep leaders focused, and avoid dashboard fatigue. 

Data Fluency: Use your data to answer important questions in an easy, efficient and actionable manner. 

Proposal Strategy

Win themes, budget assumptions and strategic insights are key to a proposal’s success especially when bidding for federal or state grants or contracts.  First Light can help you consider these three keys in order to improve your win rate.  First Light can also help cultivate meaningful content, avoid over-generalizations and conduct a compliance assessment to ensure that your excellent work doesn’t get contested or thrown out over a minor technicality.

Government Contracting

Federal Acquisition: With so many federal and state contracting rules and regulations, it’s no wonder why government contracting is so challenging. Let First Light Health help you understand and anticipate federal and state contractual requirements, review terms and conditions and provide direction to better understand these requirements and evaluate ways to meet them in a timely manner.


“Dawn possesses an extraordinary combination of strategy and heart. When you work with Dawn, she contributes on every level, combining her healthcare market knowledge with data proficiency, a love for learning, a national network of connections, and a deep devotion to making healthcare better for providers and patients alike. Dawn is a generous and thoughtful contributor to any team, she elevates strategic thinking to yield inspiring new possibilities. I am wiser in immeasurable ways for having worked with Dawn over many years, I wish you the same..

Business Solutions Designer, Yendii

“Dawn is visionary in healthcare improvement, and passionate about making care better for patients, providers and payers. She’s strategic in planning, well-connected, and knows how to engage healthcare stakeholders. I love working with Dawn as she is a great collaborator and definitely an A team member on any healthcare improvement dream team.”

Research Faculty, Indiana University School of Medicine

“I consider Dawn to be one of the top professional, ethical, and innovative leaders in healthcare.  She has done this through her executive leadership at QSource and now her expansion to First Light Health Consulting.  Dawn has delivered to me and my teams some of the most crucial strategic advice and guidance.  She has helped us identify pathways to success, use and analyze data, and frame key performance indicators.  These are just some of the ways that Dawn shows up.  I recommend Dawn for consulting, executive coaching, and any project with strategic and innovative needs.”

Entrepreneur and Founder, Adelman Law Firm, LLC


“It was a pleasure to work with Dawn. I believe her style was exactly what we needed. We accomplished our stated goals. I like that Dawn was able to flex to accommodate timing issues and still accomplish the outcome. I hope to have the opportunity to work with Dawn in the Future”

Hospital Association Senior VP and Board Chair, Non-profit Healthcare Quality Improvement Organization

Let’s grow together.